Evidence Based Ayurveda

(First Ayurveda formulation efficacy proven by radioisotopic studies)

Do you have Pain and Stiffness in your knee?

BC Plus Reduces Joint Effusion, Synovial spasm, Recurrent joint inflamation, Night pain & resting pain due to high interosseous pressure. It improves Cartilage health, Joint mobility, Modulate synovial chemistry, Joint mobility & functinality
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Does your body ache after a little activity?Introducing the first Ayurvedic formulation for Cartilage Repair & Rebuilding
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Do you experience cramps and noise in your knee joint?

External Solution for your painful knee - Knee Oil and Powder Combi Pack...
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More About OA, Specific Diagnosis, Disease condition for treatment selection, X-ray analysis, Drug protocol


Latest Updation of OA, Detailed treatment protocol, Early detection techniques, deformiity assessment & conservatiove correction, Prevention and correction, Case presentation


Bio mechanism of Knee Joints, Detailed studies of muscles, nerves, vascular studies, Comparative studies of other OA management, Early detection techniques


Biomechanical rehabilitation, Studies of different braces and orthotics, Advanced joint impact on knee (hip and ankle foot), Histopathology studies of cartilage

Are you aspiring to be the best in class Orthopaedic Physician?

Through CME and customized training programs, update doctors about our new OA protocol

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